Aprille ponders her culinary plans

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It’s an absolutely gorgeous day out. I wish I were frolicking in the sunshine instead of sitting at my desk. Soon, people. Two more hours and it’s frolic city (actually jog city, which is less fun, but I’ll try to throw in a few frolics just to entertain the neighborhood dogs).

For dinner tonight: walleye fillets that are currently marinating in a paste I made out of tomatoes, onions, garlic, chipotle chilis, parsley, cumin, coriander, salt, and pepper. It was tasty when I stuck my finger in it and licked my finger, but man was it spicy. Those chipotle chilis are hot little buggers. Also on the menu: orzo with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts, and grilled squash. I love dinner.

I also love lunch. I had a crayfish wrap (made with crayfish from the shrimp truck) with cajun mayo and spinach.

And tomorrow? Lemon pepper shrimp for me, chicken for DC. Hm…we should swing by the Farmers’ Market tonight to get some veggies. I guess we could have spinach salads. That’s a good vegetable. I just realized that after the shrimp situation tomorrow, that will be three seafood meals in two days. That’s pretty impressive here in little old Iowa (and this is decent seafood, too, hauled directly up from the Gulf on a giant truck). Still, the best place to eat seafood is right by the sea.

There’s a restaurant I want to go to in Nevis, which is where we’re going for the honeymoon. It’s just a little beachside shack, kind of a hovel, really. But their food is legendary, as is its procurement method. Apparently what you do is go up to the counter, order a lobster, and a guy gets in a little boat and goes out and fetches you a lobster. That’s pretty amazing.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you. They probably just have a lobster trap set offshore. But I don’t care. In my imagination, the lobster is swimming around happily with his crustacean friends right up until the moment that he gets hauled onto the boat and plopped into the boiling water. It’s not such a bad life. The only thing that would make it better is skipping the part where you get thrown in boiling water.

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