Get Out of Hell Free

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I was sick all weekend and I’m still feeling pretty crappy today.

We did go out to the Arts Festival for a while, but I wasn’t feeling very good so we didn’t stay long. I did, however, get to see my friend Carolyn’s baby Pete, who is extremely adorable. Don’t worry, all you germ-phobes, I didn’t get too close to him. He’s still nursing, anyway, so I don’t think he would have caught anything.

I was feeling all mopey and pleh, and then I ran into Carolyn and Pete, and Denny commented that my spirits seemed to do a 180. Can you blame me? Pete kept having all these interesting facial expressions. Babies with facial expressions are good for cheering a person up.

My friend Sarah is still on her honeymoon right now. Her husband (whoa! Sarah has a husband!) planned the whole thing and surprised her. She didn’t know where she was going until they got to the airport. They’re going to Spain and Italy. Yeah, I’m very, very jealous. I bet they’re having a wonderful time.

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