The one time I can’t have a drink

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Hooooo boy.

Let’s say there’s this pretty prestigious, high-visibility project you’re on, and there’s a listserv for the purpose of communicating with many people all over your organization about the project.

Let’s say you send an email to that list, and you accidentally make an error in it.

Let’s say your colleague notices the error, and he sends a reply correcting that error. He meant to send it privately to you but accidentally sent it to the whole list.

Let’s say you don’t notice and reply with the text “Go**amn stupid everything,” only without asterisks. Your reply also goes to the whole list. Let’s say your boss and your boss’s boss subscribe to that list.

I haven’t had morning sickness at all in this pregnancy, but right now I want to puke.

Memorable memories not worth remembering

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From a pregnancy website I was reading:


Yes, because there’s nothing that sounds more appealing than using their Free Online Pregnancy Diary so I can never forget my tender memories of heartburn, stretch marks, and hemorrhoids.  Targeted marketing should be more contextual, if you ask me.

October mosaic

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Only two months left of the 365 Days of Self Portraits project—wow.

In the October set, you’ll see some surrealism, some playing with fast shutter speeds, and a hopefully-not-too-crass breast cancer awareness shot.

Click the mosaic for the individual photos.


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