Thanksgiving summary

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Highlights from the weekend:

Good food, and lots of it.  I got to see lots of family, including cute kids (see previous post for photographic evidence of one).  We did an early Christmas gift exchange, because my cousin is due to give birth in January and doesn’t want to be traveling during actual Christmas season.  We had fun and gave/received some cool things, including a diaper bag (from my grandparents) and ear plugs (from my cousin).

We also made a Babies R Us trip with my parents and Denny’s mom, who were kind enough to give us early Christmas gifts of some nice baby gear.


Holy crap, I am freaking huge.  My ribs are getting kicked, I can only sit in certain positions, getting up out of a chair is hard, and I haven’t even bothered trying to wear shoes that aren’t slip-ons.  And I still have 10 weeks left.  And those are the 10 weeks with the most noticeable size changes in me.  Um…yeah.

Denny got sick.  I’m still healthy thus far, but I’m trying to do a lot of handwashing. He had some really gross phlegm this morning that he was kind enough to show me.  I think he’s on the upswing, though—he was much better today than he was yesterday.

Now it’s back to work.  This is going to be kind of a busy week, lots going on.  Woosh.

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  1. darah says:

    so can you still adjust your seat in the car? i feel like that was my big turning point. i was sitting in John’s old Explorer trying to reach between my feet to move the seat up. it really should have been on youtube.

    my hope for you is that your car seats are adjustable via a side lever or that Denny remembers to do it for you like John did for me. In the end, that was akin to buying me flowers 🙂

    happy 10 weeks to go!!

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