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I keep reading and hearing that you can interact with your baby while it’s still in utero, such as by poking your belly and it might poke back.

This has never worked with Bisqui. I think he/she doesn’t want to play those reindeer games. I imagine him/her sitting in there with a tiny monocle, carefully inspecting the colors and textures of the placenta, finding my prods to be juvenile and irritating.

Last night, however, Bisquito had his/her first obvious response to a stimulus. While we slept, I was cuddled up behind Denny, and he gave a loud cough that made his body jerk. A nanosecond later, Bisqui gave a kick right on the adjacent surface, as if startled.

Denny felt bad when I told him, but I think it’s okay for Bisqui to learn about the fact that people cough. It’s a cruel world.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I happened across some of your photos on Flickr and then followed various links to find you here. I read through most of your November posts. You are freaking hilarious! (It also doesn’t hurt that you’re cute too.) The next time I find myself bored I’ll have to remember to come back here and see what else you have to say or have had to say in the past.

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