Bisqui in 3D

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We did our 3D ultrasound today (at Waves 3D in Hiawatha). I’m not convinced by the terminology; it’s still a 2D image, but it does have more contouring and shadowing than a traditional ultrasound.

Unfortunately, our face shots weren’t great, because the umbilical cord kept floating in front of Bisqui’s face. However, we did get excellent angles on some important (yet not very aesthetically interesting) anatomical areas; everything looks great in the spine, kidneys, heart, and brain. Also, I got confirmation that the pressure I keep feeling on the right side of my ribs is, in fact, a little butt.

Here are a few face shots.

The first one is my favorite, because of how his/her hand is up by his/her face.

Some video:

Click image below for a couple of clips. The first is a 2D in which you can see the beating heart, and Bisqui brings a hand up toward his/her face. The second is a 3D without much interesting movement but kind of cool looking.  Sorry for the watermarks; I’m at home and thus using demo versions of video capture software.

Edited to add:  seriously?  These videos don’t work in IE for Windows?  And here I thought Flash video was the gold standard of cross-browser/platform compatibility.  That sucks.  I recommend you get a real browser.

2 responses to “Bisqui in 3D”

  1. map says:

    So, Bisqui. We meet at last. Super cool, you guys! Very neat.

  2. Katy Baggs says:

    Very cool.

    You mean they didn’t give you the special red and blue glasses?

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