Bridal shower pics

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Here are a couple of pictures from the wedding shower. At Emily’s request, I’ve included one of my beautiful mother (though unfortunately I don’t have one of my beautiful cousin Tana at the moment):

My mom and Alyssa, making Alyssa lovely and uncomfortable.

Buffy in a beautiful toilet paper wedding dress

My beautiful cousins, who did a great job organizing the shower, and me.

My dad in his cool AC/DC t-shirt, and Denny and me pointing out which set of initials pertains to whom.

5 responses to “Bridal shower pics”

  1. emily says:

    I love it – thanks for the pictures. 🙂

  2. Tana says:

    It was a great shower. I’m so glad I could be there. I love the pictures, especially beautiful Aprille and her beautiful cousins. 🙂

  3. emily says:

    But none of beautiful Tana or beautiful Beth! I haven’t seen you in so long, Tana… I was sorry to miss the shower because of that as well.

  4. emily says:

    Just what I needed – thanks. 🙂

  5. ari says:

    dead from the cute!

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