No turning back now…

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With some help from our wonderful friends and witnesses Kyle and Ken, Denny and I applied for our marriage license today. Ken took pictures for posterity. Click the thumbnail for a larger version.

Kyle solemnly affirms that he knows us and supports our marriage.

Denny calls his dad to find out whether his birth certificate contains “Jr.” at the end of his name or not. As it turns out, his dad didn’t know, but it worked out.

Denny signs on the dotted line; Aprille gets out her ID.

Aprille signs.

They take our money and we’re done!

6 responses to “No turning back now…”

  1. emily says:

    Don’t keep me in suspense – WAS “Jr.” on Denny’s birth certificate…. OR NOT?? Bum bum BAH!

  2. Aprille says:

    We don’t know, actually, but we think it wasn’t, because it’s not on his drivers license. The lady said that he would have had to have his birth certificate to get his drivers license, so she’s pretty sure they’d be the same.

  3. emily says:

    Boy, I hope she’s right or you could be married to Denny’s dad by mistake! 🙂

  4. Kate Crall says:

    Did Denny ever tell you Matt and I found out we’d never been legally married until March? Did Matt ever tell Denny? The minister and State of Kansas both pointed fingers at each other as to who was responsible for that error. Ah well, our parents weren’t mad we’d been living in sin. Our official wedding date is not in October, rather, March 10. Makes for an semi-interesting story, I suppose.

  5. Danny says:

    Our marriage certificate (applied for at that very same counter) is actually signed by the wrong witnesses. The names were typed below the signature line, then on the day of the wedding, Helen signed instead of Amy, or Amy signed instead of Helen. Either way, we may or may not be actually married. Word to the wise: don’t mix up your bearded gentlemen.

  6. plexxer says:

    We got married in Vegas and waited in line for 30 minutes before we could get in to sign and recieve our documentation, and they had 3 people on duty doing nothing but marriage certificates.

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