This week’s dinners

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This week’s dinners were comprised of two easy ones and a more complicated one.  We went out on Monday (we’d been out of town and just rolled in around dinner time) and Fridays are generally leftovers or scrounging.

Tuesday: Panini with roast beef, this cranberry chipotle cheese I found, red onion, and green pepper.

Wednesday:  Squash soup.  This was the more complicated one.  I basically followed this recipe, except I used frozen organic squash and garnished it with crumbled maple bacon.  I also made a compound butter to go on bread we ate with the soup.  The butter was made of toasted pecans and sage from the garden, all smooshed up together.  I dehydrated the sage using the oven’s convection setting, and it just crumbled into a velvety powder with almost no effort.  It was fun.

Thursday:  This was a punter—tater tot casserole.  Tobin liked it, and Miles used to like it, but he refused to try it tonight.  He even decided to give up rights to any treats tonight rather than taste a single bite.  He’s not going to do well in the dorms.

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