The Tobin Times #32

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My sweet Tobin,

Oh, my little Jekyll/Hyde boy.  It all depends on the nap.  I think you broke your personal record the other day in terms of duration, tenacity, and volume of your tantrum.  The issue was that we were playing outside, but it looked like it was going to rain, and we needed to go inside anyway to get a few things done before we went to pick up your brother.  That did not go over well.  Of all the times you’ve smacked into walls (you like to run while looking over your shoulder), bonked your head, tripped over cracks in the sidewalk and done full lay-outs, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you scream like you did when I wouldn’t take you back outside.

I feel your pain, to some degree.  We’re finally into spring weather, after the worst winter in anyone’s memory, and it’s been so much fun playing outside with you.  But seriously, the park isn’t going anywhere.  This happened on a no-nap day.

Then, to balance that behavior, you do things like this.  As your brother was getting ready for school this morning, you stopped him in the bathroom doorway and said, “Your shirt looks nice, Bubby.”  He thanked you sweetly, and you two had a little back-and-forth about the features of his shirt.  You say loving things to me all the time, and you’re still the best hugger I know.  You’re even mastering the ASL sign for “I love you.”

Photo by Beth Clarke

You’re down to about 50/50 nap versus no-nap days.  It’s amazing how much happier everyone is in the evening on days you nap.  Sometimes, though, you resist so much that it’s just not worth the effort.  Other times you conk right out.  I love those days, but you can’t keep napping forever.  I think City High only offers calculus in the afternoons.

We had some fun times in the last couple of weeks, dying Easter eggs and spending time with Mubby, Skittergramps, Aunt Suzy, and Uncle Joe.  Skittergramps got a basketball hoop for the back parking pad, and you got hooked on shooting hoops.  You need a boost, and only Skittergramps was allowed to lift you up.  It’s a good thing we didn’t stay longer than a couple of days, or Skitter’s back would have gone out for sure.  You also made cookies with Mubby and Miles.  Mubby tells me that the process of frosting cookies went like this:  you’d frost a cookie, then you’d eat a cookie.  You’d frost another cookie, then you’d eat another cookie.  I’m not sure how many total cookies went into you that weekend, but I bet it was more than you would have gotten at home.

Photo by Gary Clarke

You love to get messy and have adventures.  We went out to play in the park this morning, and you just couldn’t stay out of the creek on this warm, sunshiny day.  You laughed and splashed and poked things with a stick, and we enjoyed watching a couple of ducks that swam rather close to us.  You insisted the water wasn’t cold, though I disagreed when I tested it.  You are a tough kid, my dear.

But oh, you can be dramatic.  You’ve been doing this sad frowny face lately, which is pretty much fake, but it certainly looks pathetic.  You can be joyous, too.  We recently went to your brother’s school for a special visitors’ day in his music class.  We got there before the kids came in, and you enjoyed poking around on the instruments while we waited.  As soon as your brother came in, though, you yelled “Miles!”  He got a huge smile on his face.  I could tell he was proud that his little brother was so excited to see him.

You’ve had the opportunity to meet a couple of babies recently, and you were so gentle and sweet with them.  You asked to hold them several times, and you touched them tenderly and kindly.  You’ve been carrying your baby doll around and saying, “Isn’t she adorable?”  I told you that you were a good daddy for that baby, but you corrected me—it’s your sister.  I don’t know whether you’ll ever have a little sister or brother, but if you do, I know you’ll be as good a big brother to that kid as your big brother is to you.

Your current favorite books are Not Your Typical Dragon and The Secret Garden of Claude Monet (which you pronounce correctly and your brother insists is Monette).  You like to watch these seizure-inducing (in me) Wubbzy videos, as well as Curious George.  Frozen is still a big part of our lives, and it likely will be for a while.  Your favorite foods are pizza, oranges, broccoli, and chocolate Easter eggs.

You are getting loud, brash, and strong, but you’re also sweet, cuddly, and affectionate.  You know how melt me:  one of your trademark huge hugs and “You’re the best mommy ever.”  You have such energy and enthusiasm, and most of the time, you’re bright and sunshiney.  You’re taking a nap right now, which is why I finally have a chance to get this done, and I can almost guarantee that we’ll have a wonderful evening together.  The day is warm and clear, and we’re going to Bubby’s school for Fun Night.  You’re going to love it, probably more than he will.

More and more great days are ahead of us, my sweetheart.  I love you more than a sparkling creek on a sunny morning, more than hide-and-seek, more than sprinkles on a cake.

Photo by Denny



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