The Tobin Times #33

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Dear Tobin,

Hy-Vee has car-shaped shopping carts, and you love them.  We always have to get one when we go grocery shopping.  The other day, the only one available had a broken seatbelt.  I said to you, “Will I be able to trust you not to stand up or do anything foolish?”  You assured me that I could, and you did a pretty good job.  You only stood up while we were at a complete stop.

We had a similar conversation a couple of hours ago.  We’d been out watering the garden, and you got excited about shoveling dirt.  Your shoveling technique involves digging up a shovelful, then throwing it up into the air.  I think your goal is to throw it over your shoulder, but your aim is not so great, and most of it went directly onto your head or down the back of your shirt.  You needed a bath.

Your dad gave you a bath, and when you were done, he got you all wrapped up in a towel.  As usual, he brought you out to me, and you said in a tiny little voice, “Do you want to hold the tiny baby?”  I held you and cooed at you and told you what a cute baby you are.  Then we got involved watching a video.  A while later, I tried to put a diaper and clothes on you, but you were really happy being nude.  It’s warm today, so I decided to let you.  They say it’s a good potty training technique, too, because kids are reluctant to pee without a diaper there to soak it up.

Photo by Denny

Now for the conversation:  you wanted to cuddle in my bed.  I like cuddling in bed with you, and since you hadn’t had a nap, I thought we might just get so comfy you’d fall asleep.  We talked about it.  “Can I trust you to tell me if you need to go potty?  You won’t pee in the bed, right?”  You agreed.  We got into bed.

We snuggled for a while, but it became clear that you weren’t going to fall asleep.  After some time, you asked to get some clothes on.  I went and grabbed you the same onesie and diaper I had tried to put on you earlier.  I pulled back the blanket to get you dressed…and found you were lying in a puddle of pee.

The bedding is in the wash.  You seemed sad and contrite.  So it goes.

This event, however, was not the most exciting thing to happen to us lately.  We are so, so excited that you have a new cousin.  Uncle Tyler and Aunt Oxana welcomed Aleksandr Dean Clarke into the world a couple of days ago, and we’re really looking forward to getting out to Lincoln to meet him.  He’s extremely cute in the pictures Skittergramps has sent.

Photo by Denny

We had fun with previously existing cousins last night, too.  We had a bit of a family reunion, and you had so much fun.  You and your little cousin Josh became good buddies.  You guys ran around the yard together, talking about blowing bubbles.  You laughed and rolled balls back and forth and only occasionally struggled with sharing toys.  You had fun with Meredith and the other kids, too, and you ate a lot of mint chip ice cream.  I was happy to see my cousins and meet some new additions as well.

Photo by Denny

Your favorite thing to do these days is be outside.  Unfortunately we’re in the middle of the annual gnat infestation, which doesn’t seem to bother you too much, but it makes it hard for me to stand being outside.  You love to play with water, whether from the hose, puddled in crevices at the Fossil Gorge, or in the Rubbermaid tub in the back yard.  I also recently set up a little sand station for you to play with, and that’s been a big hit as well.  You were a good helper to me planting carrots and lettuce in the garden, and I hope you enjoy eating the garden carrots as much as you did last year.

Another fun back yard thing we did a few nights ago was to go out meteor-hunting.  There was a big meteor shower predicted, and we lucked out and got a mild, clear night.  We gathered up blankets and stuffed animals and a microscope (your idea) and headed out to the park.  We didn’t see anything of interest, except a kind of spooky owl perched on a nearby power line.  I thought we were out too early, since the shower was supposed to peak around 1-3 a.m., and we only managed to stay until about 10 p.m.  But, hearing reports from friends, I think there wasn’t much to see even at the later hours.  You still had a blast, though. You thought it was so cool to be outside after dark.  The next night, you asked to go see shooting stars again.  I hope we get some good skies for the Perseids shower in August so maybe you can actually see some.

Your current favorites:  bashing a broom on the floor, pretending that you’re chopping ice (like the guys in the beginning of Frozen); the plastic slice of cake at the library play kitchen that you call your “cream bun” (a Britishism you learned from Bob the Builder); saying “No fair” about anything that doesn’t go your way; baths; pizza; broccoli.

You still believe in the curative power of kissies.  You bit your tongue in the dining area of Hy-Vee while eating some beef and broccoli.  You stuck it out for a kiss.  You got it.  I mean, what am I going to do, not kiss my kid’s owie?  You make me do the weirdest things, Tobin.  I also feigned reinserting a booger into your nose after you got really upset that I took it out.  I also forgave you about ten seconds after you peed in my bed.

I’m excited to have a fun summer with you, Tobin.  You’ll be happy because Miles will be home more.  I’ll be happy because there are a lot of cool things we’ll be able to do.  We’re sure to have lots of adventures, and maybe (just maybe) you’ll do some consistent potty work.  You’re a pretty smart cookie, Tobes.  Think you can do it?

I’ll still love you no matter where you pee, though.



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