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It is unseasonably cool out, which is kind of refreshing for the time being, but if it continues, I’m going to start missing summer.

I don’t even remember what my cold-weather shoes look like.  I should take a look at those and see if they’re still any good.  It seems like every year I buy a pair of work shoes, and they last about a year.  Maybe I kick stuff too much.


Probably not.  I have, however, taken names on occasion.

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  1. Gary Rogers says:

    names smames, get university id.

  2. Or, if you’re anything like me, you prefer to spend $16.95 on a pair of work shoes once every 6-9 months at Walmart instead of trying to chunk out $300 on a good pair that, while they’d last you 10 years, you really can’t justify spending that sort of money for something that will be used for something as mundane as work.

    That being said, spending that sort of money means I’d probably only wear them once or twice a year at some special event, anyway, which means I’ll never spend that sort of money, because that’s just CRAZY TALK.

  3. holly says:

    Before you go out and buy shoes, please note that your feet will swell during pregnancy. Oh, and you want to avoid falling at all costs. I fell off the escalator downtown when I was pregnant. It is not fun to have to go in and get hooked up to a machine that monitors your child’s heartbeat. As you get bigger your sense of balance will be tricky, so wear really comfy shoes.

    Besides, soon enough you won’t even be able to see your feet.

  4. Katy O says:

    I’m gazing longingly at a pair of UGG boots for my pregnant winter wear. (“Momma wants to buy… Can’t afford… ARG!”)

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