Date night

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Denny and I had a fun Saturday night.  We saw the film Manufactured Landscapes, which was good if a little depressing.  It was my first time at the Bijou since it got remodeled, and it was really nice (although the rows are close together and I banged my thigh on an armrest while we were getting to our seats—ow ow ow).

Then we went to dinner at One Twenty Six because I had a gift certificate that works at selected businesses in Iowa City/Coralville, and One Twenty Six was the nicest joint that accepts it.  We had:

  • A glass of Shiraz (DC) and water (both of us)
  • A duck confit in phyllo appetizer (shared, and excellent—light and crispy on the outside, melt-in-your mouth tender and savory on the inside)
  • Ribeye with bleu cheese and some other stuff I can’t remember (DC)
  • Rack of lamb with fingerling potatoes and ratatouille (AC)
  • Liquid center chocolate cake (shared)

Not only did we enjoy the dinner, Bisquito did too (or maybe he/she was just hopped up on the chocolate cake).  There was a lot of bouncing around in my belly that evening.  It was cool but also kind of weird.

Wow, I used 3 of my 4 categories on this post.  If only we had been traveling somewhere interesting when this all transpired…

2 responses to “Date night”

  1. Geggie says:

    That all sounds very tasty!

  2. map says:

    I do like that duck appetizer there. Mmm. I trust, given the absence of any critique, that your service was acceptable?

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