Apples and kicks

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I almost don’t want to post because it will demote Bisquito from first place.

I’m kind of hungry but nothing sounds good, at least nothing that’s immediately available to me.  What I would like is a nice, crisp, tart apple.  It’s probably apple-picking season, or it will be soon, right?  DC and I should get out and do that.

We have a meeting this afternoon to talk to a benefits counselor about a whole bunch of grownup crap, like maternity leave, life insurance, leave for Denny, and how FMLA plays into it.  It’s all very confusing, and even though I’ve tried to glean as much as I can from online forms, I hope it’s more informative to sit down with an expert.

Last night Bisquito was sweet to me.  Usually in the evening, which is generally his/her most active time, I lie down and have a little talk with him/her and do some belly prodding to try to induce movement.  Last night, I said I wouldn’t do any prodding because he/she had already been prodded enough during the ultrasound and deserved a break.

Then I said, “Of course, a little kick wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

Right at that moment, I felt a little nudge in my lower-left abdomen.  Thanks for checking in, Bisqui.

4 responses to “Apples and kicks”

  1. Does DC talk to Bisqui? Highly recommended — I talk and sing to our little one, and it’s responding to my voice differently now than to my wife’s. Very amazing to observe.

    Speaking of sweet — one night my wife was feeling very sad about something and, with the hormones, burst into tears. Normally the little bugger wouldn’t be awake at that time of night, but while she was crying, it started kicking her as if to say, “It’s ok, Mummy.” That didn’t exactly dry up her tears, but they turned into different ones. 🙂

  2. holly says:

    I just read somewhere that eating apples during pregnancy can help keep your baby from getting asthma. It didn’t work for us because I ate tons of apples and Daphne still has asthma, but it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work for someone else. Happy apple eating.

  3. map says:

    Holly, if you don’t mind my asking, do you or your husband have asthma? I was just wondering why it was a concern during pregnancy…I don’t think we considered it once (too busy with the gestational diabetes stuff, I guess).

  4. holly says:

    No, Jack and I don’t have asthma. My older brother does, so there is a family history.

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