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Denny and I continue to optimistically plan a long weekend getaway pre-baby…but constraints are emerging. We’re going to have a 6-week childbirth class that meets on Saturdays starting mid-October, and by the time that’s over, I might not feel up to doing anything too exciting, plus I’ll be getting close to that third-trimester time when airlines sometimes get fussy about dames like me flying. I might have to get a seatbelt extender. Weird. Actually probably not, since airplane seatbelts sit pretty low. But anyway…

A current consideration is the northern Arizona area. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, and there’s a hotel in Winslow that Denny loves, and Allegiant Air could fly us to Phoenix pretty cheap. It would mean some driving time, but that’s probably okay. Also, there appear to be some coollooking archaeological parks in the area, and I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.

Also, October/November in Arizona sounds better than October/November in Quebec. I still want to hit Montreal/Quebec City, but maybe not just yet.

Any Arizona lovers out there? Linds, I remember you saying something before about the Sedona area; are you familiar with other parts of that general locale?  Scott, can you speak for your new home turf?

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  1. map says:

    My only experience with AZ is a couple trips to to the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. It’s gorgeous there, for sure, but CONGESTED. I’d opt for N. AZ over that in a heartbeat. I drove through Idaho and Wyoming with a friend one summer (Seattle to I.C. in a Toyota pickup towing an overloaded trailer; try it sometime!), and the landscapes there were astonishing. But I don’t know what you do there other than look at the landscapes.

  2. jack says:

    Lots of pretty stuff there, but most of the time I spent in AZ was before I was 5 (I was born in Phoenix). I don’t remember much about most of the state, frankly. It’s hot, I remember that part.

    Everyone should see the grand canyon before they die. It’s one of those elemental things that can’t really be communicated, not by words or pictures or video or anything. It shifts your perception of things, makes you feel the world spinning underneath your feet. It’s more than a human brain can really assimilate, I think.

    Have you ever had the urge to stay in a museum and stare at a particular painting for hours? The grand canyon makes me feel like that.

    Ooh, but I’m over-selling it.

  3. Mike says:

    I also recommend the Grand Canyon. I hiked in to the Havasupai reservation to visit Havasu Falls. Google it for a photo, it’s amazing. My ex-coworker had one of those weird ‘successories’ framed photo with a supportive saying and the photo was of Havasu Falls. I didn’t like working with this person, but I told her my story since I’d been there. Hiking four hours into the canyon isn’t something you should do anytime soon, but would be a good place to take an 8 year old.

    I’ve been meaning to chime in on the weekend away. It seems that you haven’t even considered Des Moines. You and Denny have a free place to stay and we’d treat you reasonably well. We’re not quite four-star, but we have heart. There’s also a supposedly really great new restaurant downtown that we’d like to try, but there’s been no window for us. Having an epicurious out of town guest or two would give us a reason. You’re free to come any non-home game weekend (check your local paper). Pop up after birthing class if there’s still an appetite and we’ll hit it Saturday night. If you play your cards right, perhaps we can get you tickets to Paige’s soccer game on Sunday. Like the other team we follow, they haven’t won much recently.

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