Baby shoes

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My friend Ben sent this link, which made me feel better.  Also, I didn’t get fired and my boss has forgiven me (I think).

ALSO (and I say this absolutely not in a gift-grubbing spirit, just a “this is cool, check it out” spirit):  Robeez baby shoes, which are about the cutest thing in the whole world, is doing a promotion until November 15 in which you buy a pair of shoes and they donate another pair to a child in need.

If you know of any little feet that could use adorable shoes, now’s the time to buy them.

For what it’s worth, I love these especially:

I have already purchased these:

Pardon me while I die from the cuteness.

8 responses to “Baby shoes”

  1. Good lord I love baby shoes and booties. I have specific tastes, but they’re one of the cutest things of apparel for little ones.

  2. Aprille says:

    Oh, I know. My biggest weakness is baby hats. I secretly hope Bisquito is bald for a long time so there are many hat-wearing opportunities.

  3. map says:

    Nice theme update. Love the banner image. I’m going to resist going off about baby shoes.

  4. Ben says:

    I’m glad that link made you feel better, seeing your email yesterday made me feel better. Nesting instinct + coffee + unresponsive home contractors + sodium = me, freaking out. “Goddamn stupid everything…” email made my day.

  5. Chris Cactus says:

    We had a pair of those…ladybugs, as I recall. They were awesome.

  6. Paige Price says:

    when you are looking for baby shoes, choose those that are made from organic materials.~;

  7. Mason Parker says:

    when i first bought my baby shoes, i gave it to my sister’s baby.:.

  8. “what type of plants do you have ? all i know is that if you get afeds then lady bugs will assist but i have never heard of mosquitoes or other bugs coming i simply because of plant you might want to try burning a citronella candle if it gets to bad”

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