Controversial art

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I have a retreat from noon-5 today, so I need to update quickly before I forget.

In this context, a retreat is just a really long meeting. I thought retreats were something like going out into the wilderness with your coworkers and doing trust exercises or something, but that’s not the case here. I think we should at least get pedicures or something, but I’m pretty sure it’s just going to be more of what we usually do in these organizational meetings, but with more time dedicated to doing it.

The weekend was nice. We put together the changing table, so Bisqui’s room now has all the basic furniture. We started to hang up art, but it turns out Denny and I have slightly different approaches to such tasks. Quotations in bold were actually uttered (though I’m probably paraphrasing); the remainder I’ve extrapolated from what I believe we were each thinking.

Aprille: “Let’s just hang it up, and if it looks bad, we’ll change it.”

Denny: “But what if we want to bring in that extra storage unit? That’s going to affect the placement on the wall.”

Aprille: “Yep, sure is.”

Denny: “…”

Aprille: “That’s the case in which we’d change it if it looks bad.”

Denny: “But we just painted these walls. I don’t want to hammer more nail holes in than necessary.”

Aprille: “I promise we’ll use the laser level.”

Denny: “I need to think about it some more.”

Aprille: “If we’re seriously not going to hang up any art, I’m going to go do something else.”

Denny: “Okay.”

So…4 of the 9 art units are on the wall, and the remaining 5 are in the crib. I hope we get them up before Bisqui is born.

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  1. If there’s one truth in the world, babies do not sleep well on artwork. Unless that artwork is in the shape of a mother’s shoulder, of course. And to get one of those, you’d have to move to NYC and live in a studio.

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