audio hijacking

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I had the most won-diddily-onderful run last night with my fabulous iPod Shuffle. I ran pretty slowly (still building up after my sickness-induced running hiatus) but I got a good distance in, and having the Shuffle really helped. It was good to get back to my book-on-audio, too.

Which, I just noticed by logging into the Iowa City Public Library site, is due today. Eek! Fortunately, you can renew items online, which I just did. Yes, I am admitting this to the entire Internet: I borrow books-on-CD from the library, rip them, and put them on my iPod for jogging. I’m sorry. I’ll delete them after I listen to them once, I promise. It just takes a long time to listen to them, because those readers read really slowly. Sometimes I want to say, “Just get to the damn point already.” They can’t hear me, though, and the neighborhood squirrels think I’m weird.

BREAKING NEWS! Northwest is offering tickets from Chicago to Japan for $559. That is very tempting. You know how I enjoy sushi and weird t-shirts that say things in English that don’t make any sense.

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