Denny is nice

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In an online forum I read, somebody posed the question of the top three romantic things your significant other has done for you. I thought of three in no time, and I thought of a bunch of more very easily. The romantic things are kind of private, so I’m not going to go into detail on those, but I would like to list some of the qualities I particularly love and admire in Denny.

1. He is dedicated to his family. When a family member is going through a rough time, Denny is always there to lend support. This demonstrates the kind of dedication he has to me and will have for our own little family as it grows.

2. He has a good attitude toward my family. He never gives me any ‘tude about spending time with my family; he says he genuinely enjoys it. It’s so nice not to have to worry about dragging him along to family events.

3. He understands what’s important to me. He has the opportunity to go to an out-of-town work event next month, but it would mean missing our first childbirth class, and when I told him I was uncomfortable going alone, he immediately assured me that he’d skip the work event.

4. He doesn’t get mad at me for not being tidy, even though I know in his perfect world, the house would be cleaner than it is.

5. He sings songs to my abdomen.

6.  Sometimes he turns on music, grabs me, and dances me around the living room.

There are many more, but I’m at work and I don’t want to get all weepy (pregnancy turns all feelings into Deepest Tender Feelings, you know).

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