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I was tidying up my desk today, and in the process of scooping up a stack of papers, I got a very painful papercut right about where my fingernail meets my fingertip (the tender fleshy side, not the cuticle side).

The moral of this story? Never clean.

Denny has an eye doctor appointment this afternoon, so I need to leave early to accompany him. I have to drive him home because he’s getting dilated. To be fair, I’m going to expect him to drive me around the next time I’m dilating (and I never go to the eye doctor, by the way).

I also need to go to the grocery store, at which time I will probably buy beer in anticipation of my parents’ visit this weekend (some sort of sports-related thing). I secretly hope people cast judgmental glances at the pregnant lady buying beer. Then I can be all indignant, or better yet, I can ask where they keep the bottle openers so I can drink it on the drive home.

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