Post 1000

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My 1000th post, and it’s all about boobs! And not in the way that most of you fellows hope it is; sorry(ish).

So…all you moms out there, how did you know what size nursing bra to get? I want to have at least one before the baby is born, because the idea of going to the mall (which makes me grumpy on a good day) with a newborn (all those germy people!) and little sleep is a horrifying proposition.

Are nursing bras sized such that you buy your normal size, but they’re extra stretchy or something? Or do you have to do an entire size reevaluation? I bet they get dirty faster than regular bras, too, so it would be a good idea to have a fair number of them so they can rotate in and out of the laundry.

I don’t even know what’s going on with this woman. It looks like her chest is wearing Oakleys.


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This, my friends, is my 999th post since I moved to WordPress. It’s exciting in the same way it’s fun to watch one’s odometer hit a milestone, or to watch the counter make pretty patterns on the DVD player when the movie is boring.

Whoops, I need to make some copies for my 10:00 meeting. Maybe I’ll see you again on the 1k side.

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