Varying levels of excitement

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Apparently Denny and I are the only people enjoying Heroes this season.  It seems to be getting poor reviews, but I don’t care.  I liked the old-timey Japan sub-plot, the new characters, and the fact that just because someone dies, it doesn’t mean you’re never going to see him/her again.

An unrelated-yet-exciting anecdote:

I was sitting in a meeting this morning, and I touched my hair and felt what seemed like a big booger.  Fortunately, it was not.  Denny’s cold has been making him cough a lot at night, so in an effort to avoid sleeping on the couch or guest room (which I have offered to do but he won’t let me) or demoting him to the couch or guest room (which he has done, but I feel bad about it), I decided to try out the ear plugs Denny got for pre-Christmas.

They are squishy silicone things, and as I fiddled with them it crossed my mind that it was sort of like squeezing tiny breast implants.  They worked pretty well, but apparently a glob got stuck in my hair and survived my morning shower and hair-comb.

Wait, maybe this wasn’t exciting.  It was the most exciting thing that happened to me today, except for a prenatal appointment in which I got the results of my gestational diabetes test.  I would like to publicly thank my pancreas for being freaking AWESOME.  You go, little pancreas.  My blood pressure was also fine, Bisquito has a nice heartbeat, and appears to be head-down.  Let’s hope he/she doesn’t get any wacky ideas over the next 10 weeks and we’ll be in business.

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  1. Steve Polyak says:

    Aprille says:  

    WARNING:  this comment contains a spoiler.  Do not read if you are behind on your Heroes-viewing.




    yeah, are you kiddin me? heroes rocks. rocks, i say… hiro is gonna put a hurtin on adam/takezo kensei (assuming pp doesn’t deep fry him in a blue ball of light first…) a pancreas… dunno. haven’t really thought about it. i guess the whole islets of Langerhans thing sounds pretty cool.

  2. Nancy Katzen says:

    congratulations to your pancreas! I’m a maternal child health nurse and in my experience, once the baby goes head down for a first time mom, they stay put. I read lots of books when I was pregnant ( and was mocked for it) But I like to know my options. All the advice books are like a smorgasbord: you take what looks good.
    A few things to keep in mind:
    1)babies need to be held a lot and that’s a good thing. However put them down when they are sleeping so they get good deep sleep.
    2) Pay attention when they tell you stuff. A Newborn, like the customer, is always right. (We’ll talk again the the baby is 9 months old and doesn’t want to go in the carseat.)
    3) If they eat and go back to sleep that counts for sleeping through the night. It’s all in the attitude. When I ask my Mexican clients about their babies sleep habits, they me that they sleep all night. when I question this, worried that they aren’t eating enough, they say “Well of course he eats, then he goes back to sleep.
    4) Don’t be afraid of the baby. Don’t tiptoe and whisper and do a lot of crazy things to manipulate the baby’s sleep and crying. They aren’t that touchy. Just pay attention to what he/she tells you. Honest.Within a month he or she will have fallen into a nice little routine.
    5) Whatever mistakes you make will be compensated by the fact that you will find this baby the most amazing piece of humanity on earth. and that counts. for a lot.
    Good Luck Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy

  3. map says:

    Good news about the GD!

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