Sweet Woodruff

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Did you know that there’s an herb out there that tastes like almonds/marzipan/amaretto? I HAD NO IDEA. How could the Earth be holding out on me like that?

Best of all, it’s a shade-loving ground cover that makes pretty little flowers. We have a shady lawn that could perhaps use some pretty little flower-based cover.

I ordered some. I would like to state for the record that I deeply love the internet. It told me about something that piqued my interest and gave me a method to purchase it. Now I am using the internet to tell you about it. And, if all goes according to plan, later this summer I’ll publish the pictures I plan to make Denny take of a delicious woodruff crème brulée.

Thanks to Delicious Days for bringing it to my attention.

ARCHIVE CHECK:  One year ago today, I was writing about herbs and cute babies.  I’m a surprise a minute. :/

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