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I ended up making both.

7 responses to “Puff”

  1. Katy Baggs says:

    OMG did you hate Christian as much as I did? Stupid lopsided hipster haircut.

    Those look really good, by the way.

  2. buzz says:

    Wow! Yes, please!! 🙂

  3. Aprille says:

    Yes, Katy, the haircut was awful, and so was his stupid personality.

    Thanks, they were pretty tasty.

  4. map says:

    I literally just licked my chops looking at these, and I don’t even care for sweets. Nice pictures, too. I particularly like the top one.

  5. janna says:

    Beautiful! Mmm…..

  6. darah says:

    Did they have to keep Elisa just to be this season’s Santino? She looks like she is on crack. And I kind of like Simone. She had great eyebrows. Christian is a twit. He’s going to regret that during his 40 minutes of fame he had that hair.

  7. darah says:

    liked Simone. I should not have written that in present tense.

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